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Our Story

Our story

OUR Story

Panemune is located next to the picturesque grove on the bank of the river Nemunas. The green banks with long valleys and beautiful hills give a lot of charm to this place and offer a wonderful view of Kaunas – the second largest city in Lithuania. In 1930, while being a suburb of Kaunas, Panemune became a prestigious resort offering water and mud bath spas, sanatoriums and summer residences with great shores for swimming. Back then, a demonstration of bikini fashion in Panemune often received attention and highlights from Kaunas press. The second beach of Panemune was the best in Kaunas. A restaurant was playing folk music with a festive vibe throughout long summer evenings.
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In 1935, a Kurhaus for the development of winter sports was built. The resort has been open all year round and has been full of thrilled vacationers who were looking to rent new and luxurious homes and apartments. Many famous people came here to spend weekends, such as president Smetona with his wife, ministers and other famous people in politics and art. The wives of well-known politicians and officers organized public evenings, celebrations and events. All profits were donated to charity.
In 1922, a military school also operated in Panemune, therefore in the district between Viciunai, Gailute and Vaidilos streets, the plots were allocated for high-ranking army officers. It was that time when the first health resorts and sanatoriums were built next to the residential houses. Thus, Panemune became a resort and a favorite place for walks and rest for officers and their families.

One of these villas was bought by our great-grandfather in 1933, Colonel Engineer Domininkas Grabys and his wife Bronislava Grabiene. Their daughters Irena Grabyte and Bronislava Grabyte were born and raised there. The villa was built in 1928, during the period between world wars. At that time, the neighborhood of Panemune had a well-deserved status of a resort and was a very popular holiday location. Villa “Grabyte” was renovated in 2021 to become a guest house. We are happy to invite you to our villa and share our history with you.

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