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23 sq.m
Double bed x 185 cm


SUITE SILVA is a 23 sq. m. room that is filled with peace and calmness just from the look of it. It is decorated with green colors and an idea of nature with an eclectic style approach. It has a balcony facing straight to the beautiful garden with acacia trees. The sunset will give you joy and a beautiful sight during summer evenings. The room features a double bed of 185cm width and a comfortable orthopedic mattress with memory foam pillows. Amenities include a large make-up table, a private bathroom with a bathtub, air conditioning, bed sheets, hair dryer, shampoo, electric teapot, TV and fully black out curtains for a perfect rest.

— For your comfort you will find:

air conditioning

bed sheets

hair dryer


electric teapot

little tv

total black out curtains that allow you a perfect rest