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ART DECO MUSEUM – 2 hours 15 minutes the experiential excursion with interesting narratives and stories will allow you at least for a while to “travel back in time” to 1929 of Kaunas. A unique opportunity to see valuable interwar architecture not only from the outside, but also to visit the restored 1929’s apartment where:
-The authentic layout of the apartment has been preserved, oak parquet, tiles, even 14 doors, wall colors, unique Art Deco/National Style motifs on the walls have been discovered and restored.
-A lot of furniture, dishes and other valuable interior details and equipment made in the First Republic of Lithuania are exhibited.
-We will inspect each restored interior room, and while we enjoy the culture of the salon – we will enjoy a drink, guests will be able to sit on authentic interwar furniture.


AMSTERDAM SCHOOL MUSEUM – 2 hours duration experiential tour with interesting narratives and stories. This is a luxurious urban interior from the time of the First Republic of Lithuania: 136 sq. m. 5-room apartment with 2 balconies and a huge terrace overlooking the slopes of Žaliakalnis, where the walls are decorated with golden paint. This is the only building in the architectural style of the Amsterdam School in Lithuania, built in 1928.Museum guests will have the opportunity to:
– Regarding the sustainability decisions in the restoration of this interior, the existing restored apartment with a view from the post-communal period adaptation or with images captured during the filming of the best HBO series of all time “Chernobyl”.
-The museum exhibits interwar Art Deco and Amsterdam School style furniture, which can also be tried on during experiential tours.
-Queer theory is used to help explain the particularly colorful and bright colors of the wall rooms and the mannerly sculptures that decorate the building.
-An inseparable part of the story is related to the Jewish culture of Kaunas and, unfortunately, the tragic fate of the residents of the house during the Holocaust.
-We will inspect each restored interior room, and while we enjoy the culture of the salon – we will enjoy a drink.
Masažas Vila Grabytė
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PaŽaislis Monastery

Visit the Pažaislis Monastery – the Church of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary with the Kamaldulia Monastery, located in Pažaislis, on the Kaunas Lagoon Peninsula. The ensemble is considered one of the best examples of mature baroque in Northern and Eastern Europe.

4 minutes by car from the villa “Grabytės”, it is possible to go and with bike

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